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Choosing Medical Scrubs in Dubai Scrubs have become one of the most important attire for medical personnel and though we mostly see nurses wearing them now doctors have even opted for them because of the loose fit shirt and pajama that don’t just look like pajama but feel like as well making it a great choice for the medical practitioners to move around easily and they have become the uniform regulation where they have implemented the medical scrubs in Dubai as their uniform. Though some hospitals have strict rules about the colors some have allowed the nurses and doctors to choose the scrubs according to the color of their choice. However, it is still a uniform while at work so for those who love to look fashionable while performing their duty scrubs can be a great choice but the problem arises how to know that the selected scrubs will look great? Here is our simple yet comprehensive guide regarding scrubs in Dubai to get the most out of it.

Cheap Vs. Expansive Medical Scrubs in Dubai

So when it comes to selecting the medical scrubs in Dubai then you will have to choose from cheaper alternatives or some expensive ones and whatever you choose make sure they are from quality manufacturers. Don’t fall for the cheaper price tag and compromise on quality. Keep in mind that while performing your duty, you will not want to deal with the scrub that has lint all around or the stitches are coming out and the worst, the colors couldn’t hold the wand washed out. You have the option to choose either 3 cheap but bad or an expensive but quality pair. Branded ones are also a good choice but this doesn’t mean that you break your bank and buy multiple. It is better to look for the sales.

Types of medical scrubs necks

Medical Scrub suits you are familiar with may look the same with round neck options but if you browse further you can find different neck choices as well such as a mock wrap, round neck, and v-neck options. The neck type will help you find the best options from basic ones to more stylish ones. Furthermore, you can even find more styles such as the split neck, u-shape, scoop neck, and other neck designs depending on your choice and options you can choose accordingly. If your managers are fine with different style options then it is fine to go ahead and buy them to make yourself ready for work in style.

Trendy or Basic!

When it comes to fashion sense then no one can understand better than you if you are a person who doesn’t care about wearing the same outfit for work or you want something that is trending. If you are fine with the first option then you may feel left out of new trends. Most of the doctors and nurse scrubs suppliers in Dubai will have to offer a wide range of medical scrub suit options to choose from but it highly depends on you if you are fine with the regular dressing type or if you are more into trendy styles. However, you should give yourself some treats by trying out some new looks or styles while at home, off from shift because it will hugely boost your self-esteem. And it will take some time to find the right scrubs suit but it will be worth it.

Pocket Vs. No Pocket

Apart from the comfort factor while choosing the right medical scrub, you should also consider another important thing which is the pocket of the scrub suit. You will be putting different types of items that will be used while working in those pockets so a storage option in the scrubs in Dubai suits is a good idea. If this is something you also consider then stick with the pocket option. However, if putting a chest pocket puts stress on your neck and chest then you can ditch it as well. However, putting a chest pocket for men is part of the practical design as they can keep pencils, pens, or cell phones.

Basic White or Colored Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs shops in Dubai have to offer a wide range of scrub suits to their customers which include suits in different color options as well. Though white color is associated with the medical field it provides a sense of being professional and experienced among them white color can be stained easily and often these stains are hard to remove from the fabric. So alternatively, you can choose some colored options, and going for the darker option may seem a little odd but it can avoid stains better.

Patch Pockets or No Patch Pockets

Apart from the chest pocket options, as a medical practitioner, you will need to bring your medical pieces of equipment with you as well. You will be carrying a stethoscope, patient’s charts, and other pieces of equipment in your hands so it would be compulsory to have a pocket to store things. If you are a person who wants to stay prepared then you should go for the patch pocket in your scrub suit in UAE. However, if you don’t like to carry too many gadgets and feel cluttered then you shouldn’t have them. However, when you are looking for featured pockets then make sure that they are in a limited number. Things such as alcohol pads, a pair of gloves, and a pair of scissors that they will often use can be kept in a pocket for quick use. So you must opt for the scrub with roomy pockets. Though some uniform shops in Dubai don’t include any pockets for uniforms for women as they will interfere with body shape there are available that you can look for.


Medical Scrubs are an important part of medical professionals as they feel and look comfortable and evoke the sense of being professional and experienced. However, make sure that you are going to buy them for your medical staff from brands like Just Needles which has earned its reputation for being the best uniform manufacturer in Dubai so you can contact for a wide range of ready-to-wear uniform collections according to your industry or you can contact for customized uniforms.

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