Safety & Security Uniforms

We do production & supply of security uniforms locally and internationally. Our use of fabric is approved and standard and we have all available colors or we can customize colors as required. We prepare uniforms for security companies including all accessories and embroidery. We are having full facility of in-house production for any quantity required or the contract for yearly production.

Security uniforms for security companies, police departments, military uniforms as per given specifications, approved fabrics and very high quality and strong stitching work.

Safety & Security Uniforms

We at just needles have knowledge of security uniforms importance and its production quality and international standards those are approved for security, we always using it for production and supply.

There are various available color patrons for security uniforms but most commonly use for security companies are white shirt and black pants, black shirt and black pants, grey shirt with black pants and sky blue shirt with black pants, but we have available options to chose from a range of colors that suits your needs.

For police and military uniforms we can customize their color and make it exclusive for that department with complete color code specifications and fabric specifications. You can order your uniforms in any bulk quantity.

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