Tailoring for Asian Dresses

We are doing very special tailoring of Asian dresses. We also have a service to collect the fabric from your doorstep including your measurements to prepare your suit as per your given directions and once it’s tailored we can deliver it back to your doorstep so you can focus on your things and well sort them out your wearing style without any hassle. If you want to book for collection from your home or office you can book it online below and mentioned the notes for tailors before visiting you at your place.

We can receive your fabrics at our store for stitching work as per your given direction. Or we can visit you to collect measurements from your place with the fabric collection. Simply book the slot below with the date and time so the tailor can visit you at your convenience.


Women’s Dress Manufacturer & Supplier

Anarkali Frok

We are doing very special tailoring of Anarkali frock with our special expert tailors those having experienced only in ladies dressings and especially in Anarkali design famous in India / Pakistan especially. You can buy your fabric from anywhere with your choice and submit it to us for its production as per your body fitting.

Simple Frock

Same like Anarkali frock we tailoring of simple frocks for women either it is for personal use or for party use and in multiple quantities. We can receive your fabrics at our store for stitching work as per your given direction Or we can visit you to collect measurements from your place with the fabric collection. Book your appointment today!

Ladies Long Dress

We also do long dresses tailoring for ladies in any given design and in any type of chosen material. The client has the option to choose colors or complete customization with a combination of multi-colors as per choice. Your dress tailoring cost depends upon your chosen design and fabric both so we have to finalize first your design.

Ladies Dress

We are doing very high quality stitching and tailoring of respected design in a very elegant way that you, ll defiantly in love with the dress. In this section, we have highly experience tailors who are only experienced in ladies dressing and working from year on all these designs with perfect fitting. These are some designs name most commonly prepared by us and used in ladies wearing style

  • Patiala Shalwar
  • Dhoti Shalwar
  • Simple Trouser
  • Simple Pajama
  • Churidar Pajama


Lahnga is one of the ladies dress design specified in shape. We are experts to prepare lehnga style as per your given directions and in fitting that will create perfection in your lifestyle and you,l be in love with it for party wears and gatherings. Our experts are well aware of all day-to-day changes and updated themselves with daily basis changes in the fashion industry. We can also consult our clients that where they, ll find the best look of their design and which type of fitting they, ll find perfect according to their wearin style and their look to make it more attractive. You can book an appointment here if you want us to visit you at your doorstep or you can bring your fabric to our store for tailoring.


Men’s Dress Manufacturer & Supplier

Gents Kurta Salwar

JN is highly professional in preparing the kurta salwar/kurta pajama for gents and waistcoat and sherwani to wear at top of kurta to create a very elegant look. We do tailoring of these dresses in any specific design that the client wants to prepare. You can share with us any of the design pictures that you want to prepare or we also have much design to show you for selection.


We are tailoring waistcoat for suiting and kurta shalwar and for any ocean use. All types of waistcoats are preparing under the JN brand and we do in any design, style, and in multiple colors available from a big range to select. We, ll visit you at your doorstep to take your measurements and to get selected fabric and designs with color options at low rates.


we are preparing the sherwani for weddings and for parties in all types of fabrics and designs with multiple colors. the style you can select either from our list or you can share your style with us to prepare it as per directions. we are preparing wedding dresses and party wear s for years and we have excellent in the production of sherwani in a very smart look.