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Experience our exclusive Asian dress tailoring services, tailored just for you. Our convenient door-to-door service ensures a hassle-free experience – from picking up your chosen fabric and measurements at your doorstep to delivering the meticulously tailored outfit back to you. This way, you can seamlessly focus on your priorities while we bring your unique attire vision to life. 

To arrange a fabric pickup from your home or office, use our online booking system below. You can also provide specific instructions for our tailors in advance, ensuring a perfect fit and style. Alternatively, you’re welcome to drop off your fabrics at our store for stitching according to your instructions.
For a personalized experience, schedule a visit from our skilled tailor. We’ll ensure your outfit is tailored to your specifications based on your preferred date and time. Let us take care of the details while you enjoy exceptional results. For More Info

Women's Dress Manufacturer & Supplier:

Women's Dress Manufacturer & Supplier:

Anarkali Frock

We are doing very special tailoring of Anarkali frock with our special expert tailors who have experience only in ladies’ dressings and especially in Anarkali designs famous in India and Pakistan. You can purchase your fabric from anywhere and submit it to us for production by your body measurements. For More products

Simple Frock

Like the Anarkali frock, we create uncomplicated women’s frocks for personal or party wear, available in various quantities. Fabrics can be dropped at our store for stitching as per your guidance. Alternatively, we can meet you at your location for measurements and fabric collection. Secure your slot today!

Ladies Long Dress

We also offer tailoring services for women’s full-length dresses, encompassing various designs and materials. Clients can select colors or opt for complete customization, including multi-color combinations. The cost of your tailored dress is determined by your chosen design and fabric. Thus, the design needs to be finalized beforehand.

Ladies Dress

We specialize in impeccable stitching and tailoring of revered designs, exuding elegance that will enamor you with your dress. Within this segment, our seasoned tailors, dedicated solely to women’s attire, possess years of experience crafting these designs to perfection.

Here are a few design names, frequently tailored by us and favored in women’s fashion:

Patiala Shalwar
Dhoti Shalwar
Simple Trouser
Simple Pajama
Churidar Pajama


Lehenga, a distinct ladies’ dress design, holds a prominent silhouette. Our proficiency lies in crafting lehenga styles precisely aligned with your instructions, ensuring an impeccable fit that elevates your lifestyle. Whether it’s for parties or gatherings, you’ll fall in love with the result. Our experts stay attuned to ever-evolving fashion trends, providing insights on enhancing your design’s appeal and achieving the perfect fit.

We’re here to assist if you prefer a consultation for design enhancement or ideal fitting recommendations. Please book an appointment for a doorstep visit, or bring your fabric to our store for tailoring convenience.

Men's Dress Manufacturer & Supplier:

Men's Dress Manufacturer & Supplier:

Gents Kurta Salwar

JN excels in crafting men’s kurta salwar/kurta pajama, waistcoats, and sherwanis, to elevate your kurta’s elegance. These dresses are tailored to your specified designs, ensuring a refined appearance. Feel free to share design images with us or explore our curated collection for various options.

Waist Coat

We craft waistcoats that complement suits, kurta shalwars, and various occasions. Our versatile waistcoats, bearing the JN hallmark, are tailored to your preferred design and style, offering a wide spectrum of colors. Our team will visit you for measurements, fabric selection, and design preferences at your doorstep for convenience.


We craft sherwanis in many fabrics and designs, offering many colors to choose from for weddings and festivities. Opt for a selection from our range or provide your unique style, and we’ll meticulously tailor it as per your specifications. With years of experience creating wedding and party attire, we specialize in producing impeccably designed sherwanis with sophisticated charm.

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