Elevate your professional look with our sophisticated accessories, including ties, scarves, belts, and name badges or uniforms which can be used with or added to something else in order to make it more efficient, useful, or attractive.



Our disposable gown accessories protect hygiene, providing reliable protection for health and industry with safety and comfort.

Our disposable gown accessories or outfits priority to hygiene, offering reliable protection for healthcare and industry use while maintaining comfort. We take pride in providing comfort without delicate safety.

Our hoodies merge style and comfort, perfect for both work and outdoor settings, maintaining a professional yet cozy look for your team.


Our jeans collection blends comfort and charm for apron, offering a contemporary twist to elevate your team’s style.


Discover comfortable linen uniforms: fresh,light, and effortlessly chic, perfect for stylish, comfortable workplaces.

Accessories: Face Masks

Emphasize safety and style with our face mask, ensuring both protection and a polished appearance for your team.


Our napkins enhance the dining experience in the hospitality sector with their refined touch. Available in different colors and designs, they elevate presentation.


Enhance your uniform with our range of professional slippers, including formal and non-slipper options that prioritize and focus on style and comfort for your team.

Accessories: T-Shirts

Elevate your team’s look with our selection of multiuse and comfortable T-shirt accessories, perfect for more casual industries, offering usefulness and comfort.


Elevate your brand with our premium towels accessories, providing luxurious softness and absorbency for your customers in spas or hospitality settings.

Discover our diverse range of uniforms for various sectors, blending professionalism and style, such as corporate and healthcare attire.

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