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Hospitality Catering UniformThe hospitality industry needs no introduction as it is the combination of multiple enterprises that works with providing accommodation, drinks, and meals in venues from outside of the home. This is one of the major industries around the globe providing more than a billion jobs indirectly. And though it was heavily affected by the covid-19 lockdown, as the covid risks have been decreased, now people want to visit different locations to fulfill their cravings to travel once again, new businesses are entering this industry. This has put pressure on the hospitality uniforms manufacturer Dubai to provide high-quality uniforms for the hospitality staff that meets the requirements of their field.

Hospitality Uniform in dubai

From Dubai, UAE to anywhere around the world, the hospitality industry is big business. Every hotel and restaurant have its own identity and branding. Each restaurant comes with its members of staff and every hotel or spa has its managing policy whether it is an independent or a chain. This is where uniforms play an important role in setting the identity of each business in the hospitality industry.

But it isn’t just about setting the identity only, it should be durable enough that should withstand the wear-resistant while supporting the style that represents the uniqueness of the brand or industry. This is crucial to understand as the restaurant uniforms in Dubai may look good for the industry but the same uniform may look out of place for spas.

In the same way, the color, text selection, and logo design consideration go as well. But that’s not all, from functionality to practicality of the design several things should be considered when selecting the hospitality uniforms. In this post, we will discuss how to find the best uniform from hotels, spas to restaurants from hospitality uniforms manufacturer Dubai or any other supplier around.

Focus On Durability

Whether it is about spa staff in an exotic location or a bustling café, vibrant resort, employees need to be comfortable to complete the demand of the job. Take waiters, for instance, they need to move from kitchen to table to serve their customers and they are constantly moving. In such a chaotic time, there is no time to worry about snug fit or fabric that is uncomfortable. Durable waiter uniforms Dubai can eliminate the stress out of the equation and make it easier for them to focus on their job.

But this isn’t just limited to the restaurant job. The spa industry also has to face the same issue where staff such as masseurs often have to go from different booths to serve their clients and customers. They are also on the move during their shift. In the travel industry, front housekeeping, desk employees, maintenance, and various attendants throughout the hotel or resort play important roles in providing a flawless experience and making their guests comfortable during their stay. You should always be focusing on the durable material for their uniforms that should be comfortable as well. The hospitality uniforms are incomplete without footwear. It is recommended to choose slip-resistant soles for wet surfaces. This is convenient for employees working around in the kitchen and pools not only for safety but to continue their job.

Suitable Color for Hospitality Uniform

Colors are another major factor to consider when choosing hospitality uniforms. Some colors are only associated with a specific field and industry. You cannot add contrast to them. Such black is considered professional and serious for uniforms and this is why you will find front desk officers and hotel staff are supposed to wear black.

Fast food restaurants and food joints often choose bright colors such as red or yellow. Light-colored uniforms can be problematic in restaurants as the stains will be visible on them and it is obvious that they will often have to face the stains while doing their shift. Oftentimes, the hospitality uniforms manufacturer Dubai will recommend soft colors like sky blue or magenta for spa staff because they are supposed to look and feel calm according to their industry so the color choice should be the same. A light purple, aquatic green, or blue would be a great choice for them.

Know Their Roles

Not all of the staff are the same and their duties are different as well. This is why you cannot put the same dress on the entire staff around. Some of the staff may have to perform demanding jobs such as housekeepers, and this is why the housekeeping uniforms in Dubai will need to wear comfortable uniforms. That shouldn’t limit their movement.

Some of your staff may have huge customer interactions such as receptionists or front desk staff. They are supposed to look professional and clean all the time. Their uniforms should complement their job and their appearance shouldn’t be compromised as it will make a lasting impression on them.

In the same way, those working behind the scenes cannot wear anything they like. While selecting the uniform for your staff, keep in mind that it should reflect their job and match the environment even if they don’t have to interact directly with the customers.

Safety Features

It is one of the most important features in the uniform selection as you will need to consider your employees’ safety while making them look professional. Some industries are prone to safety hazards more than others. Take restaurants for example. Chefs mostly have to work with cooking and fire.

The headwear by chef uniform manufacturer Dubai and apron should be made of fire-resistant material, in the same way, consider their footwear and other related accessories that you believe should be part of a uniform.

Bottom Line

The hospitality industry is a major industry and because of their role in providing comfort to the visitors choosing the uniforms should be a responsible task for you. If your staff isn’t feeling comfortable in their uniforms then they cannot provide the best service experience. This is why choosing the right uniform from the top hospitality uniform suppliers in Dubai is crucial. Make sure to choose that suits the requirements of the industry and crew.

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